Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Back To Work

Woke up at 10.45am and quickly showered and got ready. Drove to Gardens and found a nice parking. Went to work and it was a slow start. Met another weird customer. With this job, I really get to meet interesting people. :)

JW and PS appeared at 4pm. So I took a break and went to lunch with them. We went to Dominos and the service was bad. When the food came, I had to finish it quickly and go back to work.

Continued standing there till it was 6.30pm. Then, I went to change in the "Premier Toilet". When I came out, the staff there told me that I can't come in next time IF I'm wearing uniform. I'm not sure if I felt discriminated, or boastful. Oh well...

Went to meet JW, PS, Mum and J in MidValley. They just collected their Breast Cancer Awareness event goodie bag.

All of us then went over to Sushi Zanmai for dinner. There, we ordered some sushi. We were seated away from the conveyor belt. So we didn't eat much.

Sushi from Sushi Zanmai

After that, we went to collect stamps from 3 MidValley outlets. And then we went back to the Breast Cancer Awareness Event area to collect another goodie bag. But we were too late. All we could do was the lucky draw.

So we waited for it. And finally at the last draw, J won it!! We were so happy!! She went onstage and later they had a group picture.

The winners and the Big Shots

I went to BlueCube to enquire about something. Later, I joined the rest at Studio R because J was redeeming her pair of shoes from the Lucky Draw.

We then went to Jonker Sweets for mum to have her dessert. We ate some ice cream. At about 10pm, we drove off.

I took the Federal Highway but regretted because it was so jammed. Dropped PS off in Subang before sending JW to her hostel. By the time I got home, it was already 12am.

Came up to blog and chat till now. Gonna shower and go to bed. Night...

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