Thursday, October 14, 2010

Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour in Malaysia

Woke up early today and went to pick JW up. We then went to Nuffnang's office at about 9.30am. Collected the Adam Lambert Concert Tickets that JW won. After that, we walked over to Yut Kee for brunch.

The tickets

There, we had 2 Roti Bakar and a Chicken Chop. We also ordered Coffee and Barley. The chicken chop wasn't that great. The bread was okay but could have been nicer if it wasn't so thick. My coffee was fine but JW said she can taste chlorine in the Barley.

Roti Bakar - RM 3.50

Chicken Chop - RM 8.00

Coffee and Barley

Soft Boiled Egg

Later we went back to her hostel and decided to make her go to the Gardens with me instead of going later by bus. So, she packed her stuff and we drove off. Before that, we stopped by Mentari Court and got Bubble Tea.

Explosion Red Milk Tea - RM 3.50

Then I drove to Gardens and we hung out at the Gardens Club. At about 1.25pm, I quickly went down to Gelatissimo for work. Finally at 6.30pm, I punched out and went to look for JW and FY.

We then had dinner in "I Love Yoo" and bought a XXL Chicken from Shi Lin. After that, we drove on to Bukit Jalil and parked. It was pretty jam going to the stadium though.

Porridge and You Tiao (Set A) - RM 3.90

Before we went in, there was a protest outside and they were holding signs that say "This is not our culture". I don't want to comment on that.

We went into the Digi Zone and was disappointed to see there were so many DiGi staff there. Nuffnang only gave out 10 tickets so we expected it to be exclusive. But turns out, about 200 over people were in the same zone.

Digi Zone. meh... =|

Concert started with a Malay guy, followed by Daniel Lee and another Violinist. Then, the released the DiGi Beach Balls.

Daniel Lee on Stage

Daniel Lee and the Violinist

The Bouncing DiGi Beach Balls

It bounced...

and bounced...

nearly reached us...

then went away...

and NEVER came back. :(

And finally, Adam Lambert appeared. The concert went on till 10.30pm. It ended quite abruptly but it was quite a good show. He has good vocals and can scream very loud for a long time.

Adam Lambert! *insert crazy fan girl screams*

Air-kissing the crowd

Vigorous dancing

A slow song

Pausing for pictures

Another slow song

And then he gets the energy back!!

Then he dances to "Strut"

"If I had you"!

Singing "Mad World" before his final song...

Concert Ends...

But unfortunately, I didn't like his type of songs and the crowd didn't have much energy. I'm quite happy though. That's because I completed a personal goal, attending a concert with my girlfriend.

It was quite jam so we waited a while before driving out. Even then, there was still some jam going out. We finally reached Summit Hotel at about 11.15pm. There, we went to the room and her dad gave us FOOD.

JW and FY went to their room and I took my shower. After that, JW came over for a while. Later, I went to her room so that FY isn't alone. We watched American Idol together till 1.30am.

After that, I went back to my room. Uncle and I slept at 1.30am...

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