Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Happy Day

Woke up at about 9.50am and watched CBML. Later, I showered and had my lunch. Then at 2pm, I drove out to Gardens. Met JW and her friends for a short while. At 3pm, I went over to Gelatissimo.

About 5 minutes later, I walked over to meet JW again. We walked around for 10 minutes and her friends decided to go back. The both of us then went shopping for my black shirts and pants.

Finally at 5pm, we were tired. We then went to "I Love Yoo" because JW didn't believe me that the "You Tiao" WON'T be crispy after noon. So we shared a Set A which came with porridge and You Tiao. And true enough, it WASN'T crispy.

You Tiao and Porridge (Set A) - RM 3.90

Since she lost the bet, we went to Paddington's for tea. We ordered the tea time snack and asked for "Pot of Gold" and a Flat White. The Pot of Gold was very sweet today. And of course, JW paid for the bill. :P

Pot of Gold and Flat White (Tea Time Set) - RM 7.90

We sat there playing with our iPods till it was 6pm. Then, we decided to go back to my place. We watched TV till 7pm. Then, all of us watched Moonlight Resonance.

I came up to shower and we had dinner after that. At about 8.15pm, JW and I went to IKEA and bought 2 big salad bowls, a set of spatulas and a set of whisks. Later, I had ice cream while JW ate a Hotdog.

Big Salad Bowls- RM 9.90 (each)

2 Whisk Pack - RM 4.90
3 Spatula Bundle - RM 3.00

Ice Cream

After that, we went to the car and solved some car problem. Then, we drove to Kepong and met with AC. He then brought us to Chandran, his usual supper spot. I had Teh Limau Ais, Roti Planta and shared a Roti Tissue with JW.

Teh Limau Ais

Roti Planta

Roti Tissue

Just as we were leaving, AC's parents appeared and told us that they settled the bill. Thanks Uncle and Auntie! They were actually eating there too. Haha.

We left at about 11.10pm and poured lots of water into my radiator. Drove JW back to her hostel and she got in 5 minutes before curfew. Got home at 12.30am and quickly went down the car.

Started blogging till now. It's 1.39am already and I'll go to bed soon. Big day for me tomorrow. Good night...

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