Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kuching Day 4

Woke up at 11am and went to wash up. Then, I went downstairs and waited for PP to go buy lunch. She bought "Ko Lo Mee" back and all of us ate together.

Ko Lo Mee

After lunch, I played with my iPod and watched CBML. Mum and J went to an art gallery. They then came back and we went to the Padungan Food Court.

There, we ordered Rojak and drank "Coconut AND Sugar Cane" juice. The juice was nice but the coconut flesh was kinda annoying. Rojak took very long to come and it wasn't nice.

Ching Chang Drink Stall

Coconut and Sugar Cane Juice

Ham Jin Baeng

Rojak - RM 6.00

Later, we went back home and I watched the last few episodes of CBML. Then, we had dinner at 7pm. After that, we watched "China Got Talent" on TV.

At about 9.30pm, mum then brought us out to "Bla bla bla" for dessert. The place was long and narrow but the interior was quite interesting.

bla bla bla...

Other entrance



We ordered a Mixed Fruit Pavlova, Banana Cheese Cake, Longan Crush, Iced Cappucino, and a Mocha Crush. I like the pavlova because it was sweet. Very sweet indeed. The cream and fruits was a good combo. :D

Mixed Fruit Pavlova - RM 12.00

The cheesecake was something different. I expected them to just add slices of bananas into the cake, but the cake itself had banana flavour too! I personally don't like bananas so I didn't like the cheesecake.

Banana Cheesecake - RM 12.00

I tried J's longan drink but it was too sour. Mum's cappucino was supposed to be "Iced" but it was crushed. I loved it. My Mocha Crush was great too.

Longan Crush - RM 8.00

Iced Cappuccino - RM 8.00

Mocha Crush - RM 8.00

Overall, this was a happy dessert experience. Would definitely come back again next time. Maybe try their other cakes. :D

The bill

Later, we walked over to "The Living Room" and "The Junk". All 3 of these restaurants are owned by the same person. We wanted to eat something from "The Junk" but the kitchen was closed.

Their banner

So, we went home instead. Took turns to shower before playing our final round of Mahjong. We stopped just before 2am. And for the third time this trip, I won again. Too bad we were only playing with chips. :P

Came up to blog till now. Anyway, I'm going to bed already. Night...

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