Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day Two

Woke up and lazed around. Then, I took my shower and got ready for work. Waited for Mum to come home so that she can drop me at Gardens. Ate some fried rice while waiting. Finally, she came to pick me up and sent me just in time for work.

Later in the day, I was introduced to B and C, another 2 colleagues. For lunch, I had set A from "I Love Yoo". The sales was slower today but my hands were more worked out.

At about 3pm, the manager, P also came to the shop. I was then given a shirt and a cap. I think I look funny with the uniform though.



Finally at 5.30pm, I went off. Tried to call mum but my phone died. So, I went to Mid Valley to look for the pay phones. After about 10 minutes, I found them. But then, all 3 phones were out of service. I walked around thinking what I can do.

Then, I remembered that I brought my iPod along. So I connected to some WiFi and went on MSN. Asked J to call mum and arranged a meet up. After that, I went to LV to meet Mum. We then went back home.

I rested for a while before taking my shower. Then, we watched Moonlight Resonance and had dinner after that.

Took a nap and was quite grumpy after I woke up. Started writing this post till now. I'm going to Kuching tomorrow so I have to pack now. Goodnight people! :)

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