Monday, October 11, 2010

Kuching Day 5

So mum woke me up at 8.30am. I then washed up and went downstairs. Had some kuih for breakfast. Mum and I then went to the Pepper Marketing Board.

Malaysian Pepper Board

The counter was closed today so the lady directed us to their other office nearby. So we did. Once there, I bought about 10 packets of different pepper. We then went home and I took a nap.


Got up at about 11am and started packing. Then, I played with my iPod while waiting for the others to get ready.

At about 12pm, GG and PP drove us to the airport. After that, we said goodbye and went to check-in. Waited till 1.45pm before we went on board.

On the plane, I fell asleep. I woke up and heard a loud crying sound from the baby a few rows away. Oh well, at least I feel more awake. We had our lunch on the plane. I asked for the soy chicken since I didn't dare try their basil fish.

Soy Chicken with Rice

The chicken was okay. After eating, I played with my iPod till it was time to land. The landing was a little rough. We landed at about 3.30pm. Took our luggage before going outside.

Moments later, dad arrived. We loaded our stuff and he drove us home. Once home, I wanted to unload my bag but I couldn't open the lock. We then had to try each combination till we finally unlocked it. Turns out, I accidentally set the wrong combination! :P

So after I opened my bag and reset the combo, I unloaded my stuff. Then, I started uploading photos and updating my blog with the offline posts I wrote.

At 8pm, I went downstairs for dinner. I had Ko Lo Mee with some egg. We watched the Commonwealth Diving and was surprised to see Malaysia get a GOLD MEDAL!! :D

Later, I came upstairs and updated the Xtreamer and also wrote this post. So that's the end of my holiday. Gotta go work tomorrow. :|

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