Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kuching Day 3

J woke me up again. This time, it was 11.30am! I quickly washed up and went downstairs. Few minutes later, we got into the car and drove to the nearby coffee shop.

There, I had laksa and a cup of three layer tea. The laksa wasn't that great. I still prefer the one in Kuantan. Also, the three layer tea was nothing special. There wasn't even much taste too.


Three Layer Tea

Went back home after lunch and I watched CBML. Mum and J went to visit a pottery and also a friend of Mum's. They then came back to bring me out for Rojak.

I can't remember the shop name, but it has the word "Rex" in it. I was prepared to enjoy my meal because mum said it was famous. But turns out, the paste was very diluted and they didn't even have the crunchy stuff.


Iced Coffee

I also ordered a cup of Iced Coffee and it tasted like water! It only LOOKED like coffee. Totally ruined my mood.

Later, we went to Tun Jugah Mall. J bought a shirt from the souvenier shop there. After that, we went to Popular and mum bought a big sheet of brown paper to wrap her painting.

Went back home and I watched another few episodes of CBML. My grandparents asked us to have dinner. So although we weren't hungry, we ate.

After dinner, we checked the time and was surprised that it was only 6.45pm! I watched an episode of CBML before we played Mahjong.

Then at 9pm, I drove mum and J to Sunny Hill for ice cream. There, I had a "Sundae with Nuts" while J had a large cone. Mum then bought 2 tubs back home.

Sundae with Nuts

Mum's cousins came over to visit. So we let them finish one tub of the ice cream while they chatted. J and I just sat there showing our faces.

Finally at 10.30pm, they went off. We continued playing Mahjong for another hour. Then, I came up to shower and blog.

At about 12.30am, I called JW and we talked. Went to bed at about 2am...

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