Saturday, October 23, 2010

JW's 21st Birthday

Woke up at about 9.15am and took my shower. Then, prepared some mac and cheese so that my sisters could bake it later. M and I went to the petrol station and she refueled the car.

After that, I went over to Sunway and picked JW. Drove to Mentari Court for bubble tea. We shared their Peppermint Oreo. It was nice.


Then, I drove on to Snowflake. Parked the car and walked there. Once there, we realized that it only opens at 1pm. Gave her the present I bought and drove on

I stopped the car near Starbucks and showed her a video on my iPod. She cried. He friend in Melbourne recorded a video message for her.

Right after that, there was a knock on my car. I unlocked it and then came her brother and 2 cousins. We drove to Empire and ate at Serai. We ordered the Berry Pavlova and Moist Chocolate Cake. The pavlova was nice but the chocolate cake was not moist.

Berry Pavlova

Moist Chocolate Cake


Then, we headed over to Betty's. We ordered Dog Food, Apple Crumble, and Bread Pudding. Everything was great. Our favourite was the dog food. :)

Apple Crumble

Bread Pudding

Dog Food

Later, I drove to Sunway Giza. Brought them to Zun Kitchenette for Guai Lin Gou. But unfortunately, the standards dropped and the "Guai Lin Gou" was bitter and hard. Total waste of time.

Guai Lin Gou

Walked around for 20 minutes before going back into the car. Was jammed on the way out. After that, we headed to Pyramid.

Her family went off to Subang Parade for a while. Then, the both of us walked around. Stopped at Wendy's for their Twisted Frosty. It was quite nice. Used to be better though.

Twister Frosty

Later, we went to Starbucks to sit and wait for her family to come back. She then bought a Chocolate Eclair. I was falling asleep in the sofa then. :P

Chocolate Eclair

Finally at 6.40pm, they arrived. We then went to Chocolate as planned. But, there wasn't enough seats for us. So we skipped that place. AF and VV came to surprise her. :)

All of us then went to TGIF for dinner. Our reservation was 7.15pm but they allowed us in. S came to surprise her also and joined us for dinner.

JW ordered a Ultimate Mudslide which I didn't fancy. We also shared a "Buffalo Wings" and a "BBQ Beef Tacos".

Buffalo Wings

Ultimate Mudslide

BBQ Beef Tacos

After dinner, I got FY to sneak and tell the staff about JW's birthday. Then, they arrived with a piece of Peanut Butter Cake and made her stand on the chair. She had to sing a song and give a speech.

Peanut Butter Cake

Later, she even was asked to blow the candle from 1 meter away. We then chatted till about 8.30pm before paying the bill. We then took a group picture before leaving. S left early so he wasn't in it.

Happy Birthday!

FY and KM went home by themselves. I then drove into the hostel. AF, VV and ZF went off to their rooms while JW and I hung out in her apartment.

Just before 10pm, I drove out and went home. Was very tired so I just washed my face and went to bed...

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