Friday, October 22, 2010

Back In College

I woke up at about 8.30am and started getting ready. Have not worn my formal clothes for a long time. Later, I dropped dad at German Motors and drove to college.

Parked the car and waited for AC to pick me up. When he arrived, I was surprised to see KW and AL came too! :P

They went for class while I went up to the lecturer's office to get my Reference Letter from Mr Zailan. And since I had to wait till 12.15pm before meeting Mr Jason, I decided to go to the lab and blog.

So finally at 12.10pm, I went upstairs to wait for Mr Jason. Collected the letter and went down to Ms Eish. She then reminded me that I actually need my results. So I went down to the admin and got it.

Later, we went out for lunch. AC suggested to eat at KFC so we did. There, I ordered their snack box because I saw 2 pieces of chicken. But when it arrived, I then understood why it was so cheap, it was 2 tiny pieces!

Snack Box - RM 4.50

Finished it and dropped KW at the LRT. Then, I went home to get my SPM Cert. Then, M went to help me photocopy it while I went to TMC and bought stuff to make Mac and Cheese.

Went back to APIIT and submitted my application. Then, I went to pick JW up. We then came back and made Mac and Cheese.

Showered before going over to Suriamas Apartment. Ate some of everything and it was quite nice. Later, we played some games. This party was actually for N's farewell because she is leaving the zone.

We hung around the pool and chatted till about 12am. Then, I sent JW back. Had to refuel the car before that.

Came home at about 1am and started blogging. Night...

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