Friday, October 8, 2010

Kuching Day 2

Someone was knocking on the door so I went to open it. J asked me to get up. So I slowly dragged myself to the toilet and washed up. Had some biscuits and kuih for breakfast.

Later, GG came home and told us that we were invited to his friend's office open house. Since that Dato was his close friend, we had to go.

Once there, we were brought into the meeting room and we waited for her to join us. That turned out to be a 2-hour discussion about coffee and other stuff.

We went back at at about 3.15pm. Then, mum brought J and I to The Spring. We went to Ta Kiong and bought some biscuits, chocolates and drinks.

Our Loot!

Then, we loaded them into the car and continued walking. Ended up in Sugar Bun which was a fast food outlet.

Everything we ordered there was bad. Cheesy fries are tasteless, the cookies and cream shake is not even close to the one I make, and their ice cream had such a cheap cone!

Cookies and Cream Shake

Cheesy Fries

Sundae Cone - RM 1.50

Later, we went back home. Before that, mum stopped by some bakery to get Butter Buns. But once home, she realized that she actually bought Kaya Buns instead.

We rested for 15 minutes before going over to Sunny Hill. Picked N, mum's friend, and we drove on towards Batu Kawa.

I fell asleep during the ride. The moment I woke up, the road was pitch dark and they were no street lights. Luckily, the person we were meeting was waiting for us nearby.

He then led us into a hilly "kampung" road for about 10 minutes. Then, we got back onto the dark highway and went onto another "kampung road".

Finally after the long scary ride, we reached his house. There were the words "RSA" on one pillar. This is the house of the famous artist, Raphael Scott Abeng.

He brought us into this big room with his paintings all over the place. We walked around and he explained to us what each of the paintings meant.

Mr Raphael and Mum

About an hour later, we went back home with a painting of his that cost mum RM2800. If you buy it from the gallery, it'd be more expensive.

We dropped N at her car and drove to town. Mum wanted to bring us to this vegetarian place but it was closed. We spotted a Pizza Hut nearby so we ate there.

Ordered their set which came with 2 Regular Pizzas, 4 Soups, garlic bread, and a jug of Pepsi. It was too much for us to finish so we packed the extra 3 pieces of pizza home.

Set Meal 4 - RM 48.20

Back home, we played some Mahjong before taking turns to shower. Continued playing till about 12.30am.

I then came up to blog till about 2am...

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