Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kuching Day 1

Woke up at 8.30am and I quickly showered. Then, I had a light breakfast before driving off to Gardens. Dropped the car at the valet before going to work.

Was there early so I sat outside and waited for Z. At 9.30am, we clocked in and Z showed me the "Opening" routine. I quite liked it because it burns an hour away very quickly and it wasn't too boring.

I then worked till 1am before going off. Collected my car and drove home. Quickly showered and got ready before all of us (mum, dad and I) got into the car.

We picked J up from school and went straight to LCCT. J and I ate our lunch in the car. There was some havoc because of that.

Anyway, we got to the terminal at about 3pm. We then said bye to dad and quickly checked in. Hung out at Coffee Bean for a short while before going to the Boarding Area.

The three of us got into the plane by 4.40pm. The flight was about 100 minutes so we arrived at 6.30pm. PP was there waiting for our arrival. GG was waiting in the car.

We then got into the car and went back home. J took her shower and all of us had dinner after that. PP made stewed beef which was good. Mum loved it a lot though.


After dinner, we watched some TV. Then, I watched an episode of CBML. Mum, J and I then played Mahjong till about 10.30pm.

I took some time off to shower and we continued again after that. Played till 12am and I started writing this.

Probably watch another episode of CBML before going to bed. Night...

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