Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another Day Out With The Girls

Woke up at 8.20am today and showered. After that, I waited for J to get ready. M then drove J and I to Sunway. Picked JW up and continued driving to 105. There, we unpacked our stuff and went over to Ikea with K and C.

All of us then went to the cafe at the ground floor. We had curry puffs and hot dogs for breakfast. Then, we walked over to RedBox for our K-lunch session.

Curry Puffs

We were given a big and nice room. For lunch, I had Fried Kuey Teow and Milk Tea. We sang till 2pm before paying the bill. Then, the girls wanted to make cookies. So, we walked over to Tesco and bought the ingredients.

Our drinks

Char Kuey Teow

We couldn't get SCS butter from Tesco so we had to go to Cold Storage. But once there, C realized that they don't have it too. So, she got another brand instead.

Next, JW and I went to get a hotdog. The rest of them went to get Kik Kok. While JW ate her hotdog, I went into IKEA and got another ceramic bowl. By buying that RM1.90 bowl, the parking was waived.

Later, some of us had ice cream. Then, M drove us to TTDI where C jumped down to get tracing paper. After that, we went back to their place.

Once there, C, K and J went to make the cookies. M studied while JW played with her iPod. Since everyone was busy, I tested out my Xtreamer in their house.

Turns out, the UniFi and the Xtreamer doesn't work well. We tried using their old 512kbps Streamyx line and it was even FASTER than the UniFi! For now, I am not sure if its the UniFi itself or the router that is causing the problem.

At about 6pm, JW played Cake Mania 5 and I sat next to her. All of us then went out for dinner at 7.30pm. SS brought us to Seo Gung in SS2 for dinner after some pestering from his daughters.

We ordered a RM250 family set which came with quite a bunch of food. I don't know the names so I'll just show you the pictures without captions. Food was okay and all of us went home with very stuffed stomachs.

Our dinner!

J was the only one who went to the kitchen and eat more cookies after we got back at SS's place. I fiddled around with the Xtreamer and played some Cake Mania after that. Uploaded the pictures before driving to Sunway.

We dropped JW off at the side gate and I continued driving home. Got back at about 12.15am. I then took my shower and started writing this post.

It's 1.30am already and I'm going off now. Night...

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