Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Of Movies, Zombies, and Money

Woke up at about 9.30am and used the laptop till 10.30am. Went downstairs and had cereal for breakfast. Took my shower before coming up to watch "Resident Evil: Apocalypse".

Later, I had lunch before using the laptop. At about 4pm, dad picked me up and we went to collect the Rav4. Drove home and quickly showered again. Then, I went to pick JW and brought her to Pyramid.

There, we went to Carls Jr to get JW's first meal of the day. She ordered Chili Fries which tasted good! Since we had time, we went to Chocolate and had ice cream.

Ice Cream Sundae - RM 1.50

After that, we went to Starbucks and waited for VV to finish work. He treated us to one of his free drinks of the day. L then came to look for us. Then, we went to our car and drove to the Sunway College side gate.

We picked ZF and AF up before heading over to 1Utama. Got there at about 8.20pm and we went to Breeks Cafe. Again, they told us that the indoor area is for buffet only. So, we went off and walked over to "Fish and Co".

There, I ordered Mushroom Fettucini which was creamy and filling. We paid the bill and went to the cinema at about 9.10pm. Not long after that, we went into the cinema hall and got ourselves quite nice seats.

Mushroom Fettucini - RM 14.90

We watched "Wall Street" thanks to the Star. I didn't really fancy the movie because it was very slow. The movie ended at 11.30pm and I dropped everyone off before coming home.

Got back by 12.30am and started writing this. Anyway, I'm signing off already. Night...

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