Friday, September 24, 2010

Kuantan Trip Day 1

Woke up at 7.45am today and used the computer for a short while. Then, I took my shower and started loading my stuff into the car. At about 8.45am, I left for Puchong. Picked ZS and KW up from their houses before finally arriving at AC's house in Kepong.

At about 11am, we drove out in AC's car and headed to Kuantan. We stopped by Bukit Tinggi for lunch at Restoran BBQ. There, we ordered 4 dishes. They were so called "unique" because they don't sell "outside" dishes like "gu lou yoke" or "fu yong dan". Food was quite good actually.

Bukit Tinggi BBQ

Ceiling Deco

Shuet San Fei Wu (Signature Fish) - RM 32.00

Vege - RM 8.00

Egg and Tofu - RM 8.00

Mushroom - RM 12.00

The cool bill!

Later, we continued our journey to Gambang, which was were ZS's grandfather's house was located. When I got there, I was told that he was a Dato. The house was a modern and yet kampung house.

Then at 3pm, ZS locked the room door before we went out to Kuantan. While driving in Kuantan, we noticed many funny and sarcastic signboards by JKR. I LOVE THEM!

Our first stop was East Coast Mall. There we walked around and bought waffles from DailyFresh. But this outlet was terrible! The waffle was not up to their standards.

Peanut Butter Waffle - RM 2.50

Later, we walked over to Carrefour and bought some Sprite and junk food for tonight. After that, we drove to the Teluk Chempedak Beach. We saw a mountain bike track which was CRAZY! Whoever can complete the trail should deserve a medal.

Teluk Chempedak, Kuantan

The walkway

AC taking pictures

Shadow pictures :)

Mountain Bike Park

These are CRAZY!

Also, there were many monkeys there! It was scary! They even rummaged the bags of some girls who went to the beach. We couldn't do much so we just stood there and watch. Later, they came back and had trouble chasing the monkeys away.


The girls tried to chase the monkeys away

We ignored them and went to the beach and took a bunch of pictures. All of us had lots of fun! Later, we bought ice cream from McD before driving back home.

Group Pics

This is how we did it :P

AC and I

My friends :D

They also had shots like these. Tsk tsk.

Jump Shots too!


At McD Kiosk


Once we got back home, we realized that we didn't have the key to the locked room. ZS called his mum and we were told that the key is INSIDE the drawer IN the room itself. So, we used a long stick meant for picking mangoes to solve our problem.

ZS and AC manouvering the stick

The room was dark

We used the stick to turn the lights on

ZS and AC in action

Then, we used the stick to pull the cupboard towards the other window

Finally, we took the keys from the drawer.

The mess we caused. :P

At 8pm, we had a home cooked dinner with ZS's grandpa. The food was different than what I always ate. We were still full after dinner though.

We played "Sorry!" and we showered after that. Then, we played another 2 rounds of Sorry before playing "Cluedo". We were laughing till our stomach hurts! Who knew such a serious thinking game could be so hilarious!


Anyway, it's about 1.30am already and we're gonna sleep now. Goodnight.

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