Friday, September 17, 2010

Ipoh Trip: Day 6

JW came over and woke me up again today. It was 9.45am. My stomach was much better. Smaller too! We went downstairs and had Baked Mac and Cheese for breakfast. Sat at the living room and fiddled with out iPods till 1pm.

Then, all of us went out for lunch. We wanted to go to a coffee shop for White Coffee but that shop was closed. So we went to the one next door. There, I had "Wun Zhai Mee"which turned out to be good.

Wun Zhai Mee

Iced White Coffee

Later, we dropped by "Aun Kheng Lim" and I bought 3 "Salted Chicken" back. Then, we went back to her place and packed our stuff in the car. Said our goodbyes and I drove off.

Aun Kheng Lim

Went to Shell and refueled the car before going onto the highway. Then at about 5pm, we arrived at Sunway Hostel. Helped JW bring the things to her room. Her roommate just got back too.

I then made my way back to my house. Dropped by 112 and gave KK one chicken. Reached home at 5.40pm and gave SS another chicken too. Started to unpack my stuff before taking a nice shower.

This marks the end of my Ipoh trip. Thanks alot to Mr and Mrs W! :)

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