Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ipoh Trip: Day 4

JW knocked on the door and I popped out of bed. That was about 8.11am. Then, I quickly got dressed and both of us drove out to Jalan Leong Sin Nam to have breakfast in "Yoke Fook Moon".

AO and JY joined us there. We ordered some of this and that. One thing about Ipoh, you get to bring your own tea. So, JW took her "Loong Jeng" from home.

My favourite dim sum from this shop will have to be the steamed fish balls. They are very smooth and fresh! Everything else was okay except the soft sesame balls which turned hard under the air cond. They also do not sell Char Siew Chee Cheong Fun here...

Soft Sesame Balls

Fried Fish Balls

Har Gao, Siew Mai (with prawns) and Steamed Fish Balls

Chee Cheong Fun (Prawn)

House Specialty Dim Sum (crispy stuff wrapped in chee cheong fun skin)

Siew Lung Bao

AO insisted on paying the bill. So, JW promised to treat him again some other time. We then went off just before 10am as the guys had class.

Got back to her house and we played with our iPods till it was time for lunch. Her dad went to buy a whole duck from "Kedai Hong Kong" and we had that for lunch. The combination of duck and sauce was great.

According to JW, the boss hides upstairs to monitor the stall downstairs with the help of CCTV. And whenever the stock is low, he will cook it, then send it downstairs. Amazing right?

After lunch, I uploaded some pictures before watching "Crime and Investigation" Channel on Astro. Then at about 7.20pm, all of us went out for Beansprout Chicken.

Lou Wong


Steamed Chicken

Hor Fun

Pork Balls

It tasted pretty normal to me until they told me that the beansprouts are crunchier and hor fun is much smoother compared to KL. One thing I figured out without any help was that the chicken was very smooth and tender. :)

After dinner, we went to this other shop nearby for dessert. We were considered lucky because of the 3 times JW wanted to come here, it was closed. So I ordered a "Wo Ye Ye" which was actually Bubur Chacha. It was good.

Nameless shop...

...which is beside Restoran Jack Wah

Later, we came back home and I started uploading pictures. Showered and continued writing this post till now. It's 11.30pm already and I'm signing off. Night...

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