Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Birthday AP!

Got back home at 7.45pm and we went out for dinner. Dad brought us to Desa Sri Hartamas for dinner. We wanted to eat at Backofen but they close the moment I got down the car.

So, we scanned the whole area and gave "Gyuniku" a chance. Once I saw the menu, I didn't like it. The price was not reasonable. I ordered Minced Beef Lou Swee Fun and it turned out to be good. Even so, I wouldn't come back again.

Minced Beef Lou Swee Fun - RM 9.00

Later, we went back home. Took my hard disk before going down to 112. They celebrated AP's birthday. Had a piece of cake and chatted with them. Played with JT too. Meanwhile, SC gave me 2 HD movies.

At 11pm, I came back home and used the laptop. Took my shower and started writing this post. I still gotta write 2 posts. Goodnight people!

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