Monday, September 27, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love

Woke up at 11am today and took my shower. Then, I went to pick JW up. We then went to Empire for cakes. First, we went to Whisk and had their Red Velvet cake. It was just normal but I liked the icing.

Red Velvet Cake - RM 11.90

Later, we went to Serai which was something like Delicious. There, we shared another cake. This time, it was Tiramisu. The cake was wet and the nuts were crunchy. I still prefer the one from Alexis because this one doesn't really taste like it had coffee.

Tiramisu - RM 16.30 (after tax)

After that, we walked around the mall for a short while. Bumped into AJ and her dad. Continued walking and spotted this AMAZING slide in the mall. Shall try that one day.

Cool Slide!!

Just before we went home, we went to Whisk again and bought macaroons. I had one piece and it was okay. But the fact that they are so tiny, makes me wanna pop them into my mouth and finish all of it. Of course, I resisted and brought some back home.

Macaroons - RM 18 (for 1o pcs)

We drove back to my place and got there by 3pm. Then, we had a light lunch at home because we weren't hungry. Later, we watched Glee and CBML on the Xtreamer.

Went downstairs and had some snacks till 5.45pm. Took my shower before going to Sunway Pyramid with JW. It took us about half an hour to get onto the NPE.

Anyway, we arrived in Pyramid at about 7.30pm and went to Sushi Zanmai for dinner. There, we picked food off the conveyor belt for dinner. The sushi was nice but the service was a little slow.

Cucumber Maki - RM 1.80

Fu Chuk Sushi - RM 1.80

Tuna Sushi - RM 1.80

Unagi Maki - RM 4.80

Tuna Salad Maki - RM 4.80

Soft Shell Crab Maki - RM 6.80

Later, we paid the bill and went to Papa Johns to meet with L and A. Waited for them to finish dinner. Then, all of us went to Chocolate for dessert. JW and I had their Ice Cream Sundae.

Ice Cream Sundae - RM 1.50

At 9pm, we then went to TGV and met up with the others to watch "Eat Pray Love". Including mum and dad, there were 10 of us. Went into the cinema hall as soon as it was open. So, we got ourselves pretty good seats.

Eat Pray Love

Unfortunately, this experience was a bad one. They had some technical problems which caused the movie to be delayed for 20 minutes. And for the first 10 minutes of the film, the picture was squished and it made the people look short and fat.

Later, they corrected it but then it was too big. About 1/6 of the screen was projected behind the cloth at the top of the screen. Also, towards the end, we could hear construction sounds for about 40 minutes.

The movie wasn't that great too. I HATED the editing which didn't seem very professional. The story was slow and silly too. I'm pretty sure the book will be more interesting. Don't think I'd recommend anyone to watch this...

Because of the delay, the movie ended at 12.05am. So, we had to rush back to the hostel. Luckily, the guard let them (JW, AF, VV and J) in without penalizing them.

Drove home and got back before mum and dad. Started blogging till now. It's 2.30am already and I'm gonna wait till I upload the pictures before I go to bed. Night...

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