Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Of Movies and Dumb*sses

Woke up at 10am and used the laptop till about 12pm. Took my shower and fiddled with the Xtreamer till 2pm. Had my lunch and waited till 3.30pm before driving to Sunway.

It was raining heavily and that caused the traffic to be slow moving. After that, I picked JW, ZF and AF. Made our way to Mid Valley and it was jammed on the Federal Highway as usual.

Got to Mid Valley at about 6.30pm. Then, we went to the Gardens Club to use the toilet. After that, we went to Pastis. S joined us there for dinner. There was this Buy 1 Free 1 promo so we ordered 4 main courses. JW and I shared a Lasagna.

Testtube Virgin Mojitos - RM 14.50

Lasagna - RM 18.90 (normal price)

Sat there till 8pm before paying the bill. After that, we went over to GSC and waited to collect our tickets. At 8.30pm, they started giving out tickets. We were the third in line. But then, two people jumped queue!

We stopped them and told them that they should wait at the end of the line. But, said they were there earlier. That's so dumb, you were here but not IN THE LINE. Damn you! The two Nuffnang staff didn't know how to handle it. So, they just let them collect the tickets anyway.

When it was our turn, we collected the tickets and took a notepad each. In their contest post, they mentioned that there will be:
  • 5 x Limited Edition Resident Evil: Afterlife Lenticular Notepad worth RM 100 each
  • 3 x Limited Edition Resident Evil: Afterlife Army Water Bottle worth RM 200 each
  • 3 x Limited Edition Resident Evil: Afterlife Side Tool Waist Pouch worth RM 200 each
  • 5 x Limited Edition Resident Evil: Afterlife Belt Compass worth RM 150 each
  • 5 x Limited Edition Resident Evil: Afterlife PU Glove worth RM 150 each
But all that was there was 5 notepads and 5 gloves. What is this? Where did the other 11 merchandises go? Sigh.

Tickets and Badge


Later, JW and I were so fired up. Had to get ice cream from McD to cool down. Then, JW, ZF and AF had burgers because they were still hungry.

At about 9pm, S went off. The rest of us then went into the cinema. We were given 3D glasses and we patiently waited till the movie started. Fortunately, there wasn't many ads.

The movie was quite interesting and exciting. It was also surprising and yet predictable at times. I'd definitely recommend people to watch it. But, I would ask them to watch it in 2D and not 3D. That's because the glasses made me uncomfortable and also made the pictures not so sharp.

Movie ended at 11.20pm and we went to the car. Dropped AF and ZF at the side gate and sent JW to L's new apartment. Got home at about 12.20am.

There was no water so I couldn't shower. Mum and dad were watching "The Day After Tomorrow" in my room so I joined them. At about 1.40am, the water came back and I took my shower.

It's 2.40am already and I shall end this post here and go to bed. Night...

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