Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another Makan Training

Woke up at 11.30am today again and had milk with weetameal for breakfast. Then, I came up to shower but there was a COCKROACH! Decided to go downstairs to shower instead.

Had my lunch at 1.30pm and drove over to Sunway after that. Picked VV and JW before going to Mentari Court. We had bought some drinks before going back to Sunway Pyramid.

There, VV went to work while JW and I walked around. Later, we ended up in Krispy Kreme. We ordered the Combo B which came with 2 donuts and a coffee. I had the Original Glazed donut which was GOOD! :)

Combo B - RM 9.50

Later, we walked around again. After a while, we settled in Cupcake Chic. We bought 1 cupcake each. I had the Chocofee which looked different because they sprinkled coloured rice on it.

Chocofee and Fatal Attraction - RM 4.90 (each)

Walked around again to random shops to look at stuff. Watsons, Machines, Jusco, Giant, Giordano, Sasa, Cotton On, Baleno. I think we walked at least 5 rounds around Pyramid.

At about 6pm, our legs were tired. So, we settled down at Frames. There, we ordered our drinks and played with our iPods till it was 6.45pm. Then, we ordered our food.

Signature G-frost (grape and lychee) - RM 8.90

Modified Signature G-frost (apple and lychee) - RM 8.90

Cajun Meatball Pasta - RM 18.90

Lasagna - RM 19.90

Frames has a very nice environment. The staff are well trained and friendly too. Food was alright and the drinks were nice. They also give us 10% off for showing them our student card. Definitely will visit this place again.

After dinner, we walked around till 9.30pm. Then, I dropped her off at the hostel before coming home.

Took my shower after I uploaded pictures. Started blogging till now. I'm going to Kuantan tomorrow so I might not be able to update on time. Goodbye.

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  1. Wow going on a vacation? It's gonna be fun. Have fun ya muahaha


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