Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ipoh Trip: Day 3

Woke up and ate egg tarts for breakfast. JW's dad got it from the Simee Market. We also had the chocolate cake. At about 11am, we went out to collect JW's IC in a far from town place.

Egg Tarts

Got back at about 12.30pm and we helped her mum to prepare lunch. She made garlic bread, mushroom soup, and roast chicken legs. At about 2.30pm, we all went to the kitchen and ate lunch.

Garlic Bread

Mushroom Soup

Roast Chicken Legs

Later, JW and I watched "SATC2" till 5pm. Stopped and all of us went to the Royal Perak Golf Club. I played with my iPod while the others went and did their own thing.

At about 7pm, we went upstairs to the restaurant and had dinner. There, I ordered the Charbroil Grilled Lamb Chop. It was a little too tough for my liking though. Other than that, it was a good meal.

Charbroil Grilled Lamb Chop - RM 17.50

We then came home and watched the rest of the movie. Then, we had the "Bak Gor Fu Chuk Yi Mai" that her mum made for dessert. Took my shower and later received a facial treatment from JW. My face was much nicer after that. Haha!

Then, we came back down to our usual spot. I then started writing this post till now. It's 12.15am already and I shall end this post here. Going for dim sum tomorrow. :)

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