Monday, September 13, 2010

Business Strategy I've Learned From A Shop in Ipoh

Some of you might know where the famous Hor Hee shop is now, some might not. This restaurant used to be in a corner lot and business was doing well. Then the owner of the lot raised the rent to take advantage of them.

The Old Place

So, the restaurant owners came up with this genius strategy. They rented another shop nearby and set up their shop there. To help their clueless customers, they placed one sign outside their old shop.

Take note of the red sign on the pillar

Not only that, they also parked a van close to the old shop, and stuck a huge sign saying "Hor Hee ->" which points to their shop.

The van

This is the shop's current location.

I was amazed when I heard this story. I gotta admit, Ipoh people are pretty creative!

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