Friday, September 3, 2010

Fun Filled Friday

Woke up at about 9.50am and used my computer. Showered before driving off to Sunway. Picked JW and we went to get Bubble Tea. Later, we came back to my place and watched Resident Evil in BluRay! :D

After the movie, we had lunch. Came upstairs to use the computer till about 3.50pm. Then, we went back downstairs to make pancakes. We only made 5 and it was okay.


Later, we came up and watched 2 episodes of "Can't Buy Me Love" in HD. It was really funny! Anyway, we had dinner at about 7.30pm.

Cant Buy Me Love

Showered and went over to MM's house. Right after that, we drove to BSC to collect AC's contact lens. Later, we went over to Coffee Bean and I ordered Ice Blended White Chocolate. The 5 of us sat there chatting till 11pm.

Caramel Macchiato Cake

Ice Blended White Chocolate

We then went home. Got my stuff and drove JW back to her hostel. Came home at 12.15am and watched TV till 12.45am. Then, I started writing this post and chatting.

It's 1.35am already and I shall end this post here. Night...

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