Saturday, September 18, 2010

Eating Again!

Woke up at 9am today and showered. Then I drove to Sunway and picked JW up. We came back and I fried 2 eggs for her breakfast. She helped me out, of course. Later, all of us picked E up and went to "Each@食" in Brickfields for lunch.

Soya Braised Chicken with Ginger - RM 13.00

Sweet and Sour Pork - RM 15.00

Crispy Egg Omelette - RM 8.00

Vegetable Of The Day - RM 8.00

Talapia - RM 1.00 (Promotional Price)

Sea Coconut and Wintermelon Juice - RM 2.50

Lemon Grass Jelly with Aloe Vera - RM 2.80

The bill - RM 62.80

We ordered some dishes and also the fish which was on promotion. We only paid RM1 for the whole fish! The food here were quite good too. Desserts were quite unique and nice.

Later, we went back home and we messed with our iPods. Got addicted to the "Coin Push Frenzy". Then, I showered and we waited for the rest to get ready before dinner.

Coin Push Frenzy

Finally at about 7.45pm, dad brought us to Riblees, Desa Sri Hartamas. The signboard was barely noticeable but they were still quite packed. The lighting there was also very dim. So with my camera, the pictures didn't turn out too well.

Above Al Rajhi Bank

Riblee's, Desa Sri Hartamas

Riblees name card

They serve deserts here too! Can I have a Sahara? :P

We ordered a full slab of American Babyback Ribs which was HUGE. It was delicious! Worth the money we paid. Unfortunately, the other stuff was a little overpriced. The mushroom soup and pork fillet we ordered were good. We also tried the Garlic Bread Basket which turned out just okay.

Wild Mushroom Soup - RM 10.80

Garlic Bread Basket - RM 6.80

Classic American Babyback Ribs (full) - RM 78.95

Cheese & Nori Pork Fillet - RM 28.80

Pan Fried Snapper - RM 29.80

After dinner, we ordered DESSERT! We asked for their Chocolate Mudpie and Oreo Ice Cream Cake. The dessert here was great! I like the soft texture of the cake and the rich chocolate. The Oreo ice cream was pretty good too.

Chocolate Mudpie - RM 13.80

Oreo Ice Cream Cake - RM 14.80

We were all satisfied after finishing our dessert. Dad paid the bill and we dropped by TMC before going back home. There, I used the computer for a while before sending JW back.

Got home by 11.30pm and watched TV till about 12.10am. Chatted on MSN for a while before writing this post.

It's almost 2am and I shall go to bed now. Night...

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