Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fun Cloudy Day

Woke up at 11am today and used the computer for a while. Let E try a macaroon but she didn't like it. Took my shower and went to pick JW up. We then went to Sunway Pyramid.

Had lunch in McD. We both had the "Big N Tasty" Set which was YUMMY! The only thing I did not eat was a part of the bun which had some white stuff on it. :S

Our Brunch

Unknown white stuff

Later, we walked around Pyramid till about 5pm. Then, we went back to her hostel so that she could change. After that, we drove on to Aman Suria.

We had dinner in Murni Discovery. There, I had Roti Hawaii and Mango Special while JW had the Mee Raja and Ribena Special. The food was quite good. We finished at about 7pm and that's when the crowd came in.

Mango Special and Pink Panther - RM 5.00 (each)

Roti Hawaii - RM 5.00

Mee Raja - RM 8.00

Drove to OneUtama and got a nice parking spot. While looking for parking, JW got motion sickness. So, she went to the toilet and vomited her nice dinner.

Went up to GSC and waited till 8pm before collecting our tickets. There weren't proper sign on the booths this time and even the person giving out the tickets was confused. After collecting the tickets, we realized it was free seating. :(

Charlie St Cloud

Decided to have ice cream in Chocolate again because it was the fastest. But once we got there, they told us that they did not have the ice cream machine. So, we ordered a Chocolate Fudge Cake. It was good.

Chocolate Fudge Cake - RM 8.90

Later, we went back up to GSC and JW got herself a HotDog. We also had their salted popcorn which was something different but still addictive. Then at 8.45pm, we rushed into the cinema and got ourselves great seats.

Within 10 minutes, the show started without much ads. In case you haven't already guessed, we were watching Charlie St Cloud. Another Zac Efron movie but this time, he looks more handsome because he wasn't so boyish and was more manly instead.

This movie has a weird genre. It's a mix between supernatural, romance, and mystery. The storyline was somewhat pointless but still nice to watch. There were some funny parts too.

Movie ended at about 10.45pm and we went off. Dropped JW at the side gate as usual before I came back home.

Started blogging and uploading pictures till now. It's 1.20am already but I'm still uploading. Will sleep soon. Night...

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