Saturday, September 11, 2010


Woke up at about 8am and went to shower. Then, all of us except mum got into the Avanza. We then went to Eden for breakfast. SS and family joined us too. I was stuffed after breakfast.

Later, we went back to SS's house. The girls made cookies again and used a different butter. So, it turned out much softer. I still preferred their previous version though.

Hung around till 1pm before all of us drove to Maluri. There, we went into DGG's house for a while before going out for lunch. SGG and family joined us too. Ended up in a chinese restaurant for lunch.

Iced Coffee

Salted Egg Fried with Fish

After that, we went back to DGG's place for about half an hour. Then, dad drove us home because it was going to rain. But when we got back, it was already raining HEAVILY. So, there was no point in collecting the clothes which were already drenched.

So, all of us went back to SS's house again. This time, they made another round of cookies. That was because my other cousin wanted to learn how to make it. While they were busy outside, we used the Xtreamer and watched "The Matrix".

It was an AWESOME movie! I heard of it long time ago but never got the chance to watch it. I'm glad I watched it as it has a very incredible concept. Now I think that Surrogates is just a rip off! To top it, it was in BluRay quality which was just pure GREATNESS! :D

Finally at about 8pm, we went out for dinner. Decided to eat at Puzzini, Damansara Utama. There, we ordered the pizza set which came with garlic bread, one regular pizza, one large pizza, and a jug of ice lemon tea. Besides that, I also shared some lasagna with K.

Mamma Mia (regular)

Capricossa (large)

Garlic Bread

half a Lasagna :P

SS paid the bill and we went back to his place. We watched "Twins Mission" on NTV7 before packing up and going back home.

Back at my house, I showered. Then, I started writing this post till now. It's 12.30am already and I shall end this post here. Gonna pack for tomorrow. Bye...

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