Wednesday, September 22, 2010

33% Mooncake Festival

Woke up at about 11.30am and had some light breakfast. Then, I used the laptop till 12.30pm. Had lunch downstairs and came up to shower. Drove out to refuel the Rav4. Later, I drove to Sunway.

Picked JW up and we went to Sunway Pyramid. There, JW had her lunch in "Figs and Olive". She had the set which didn't come with Gelato. So, after lunch, we ordered a "Choc Mint" gelato to share. Unfortunately, it wasn't that nice.

Choc Mint Gelato - RM 5.80 (single scoop)

Went to X-Cut and paid RM16 for my haircut. I told her "not so short" but she didn't listen. Even so, I'm quite satisfied.

After that, we walked around till 5.30pm before I dropped her back. Got home at 6.30pm and took my shower.

At about 8pm, we went out to Menjelara for LF dinner. We had vegetarian dinner as usual. On mooncake festival, people do 3 things. Drink tea, play with lanterns, and admire the moon. Since we only drank tea, I named this post 33% Mooncake Festival.

Got home at about 10.45pm and started writing this post. Gonna end this post early today. Happy Mooncake Festival everyone!

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