Sunday, August 1, 2010

August is Here

Woke up at 9am today and took my shower. Then, I started studying till 10.30am. After that, I drove off to Sunway to pick JW. We then went back to my place and waited for mum to come back with the girls.

Then at about 12pm, we drove out to Aman Suria for lunch at Betty's Midwest Kitchen. There, JW and I shared a Classical Meatloaf and a Pork Chop with Country Gravy. The food was quite good, much better than my first time here.

Classical Meatloaf - RM 16.50

Pork Chop with Country Gravy - RM 23.00

Macaroni & Cheese - RM 15.00

Soft Ribs - RM 55.00

Hotdog (beef) - RM 14.50

Crispy Bacon - RM 9.00

After that, all 8 of us shared an Apple Crumble. Mum paid the bill and we went back home. JW and I fiddled with the piano till 2pm. Then, I sent her back to Sunway as she has class at 3.30pm.

Apple Crumble - RM 8.00

Got home at 4pm and watched some TV. Then, I came upstairs to take a short nap before doing some revision. Continued till 7pm before we went for dinner.

Mum brought us to Crystal Jade which I didn't like. Expensive Chinese food is a big NO-NO for me. Food wasn't impressive but the price was BEAUTIFUL. Here's the best part, J and I weren't satisfied so all of us went to Paddington's House of Pancakes.

There, M and I shared a Classic Emperor Pancake. It looked like apple crumble in the picture and I decided to order it. But when it arrived, we realized that the crumble is actually squashed pancakes. =|

Classic Emperor Pancake - RM 15.50

Classic Stack - RM 7.50

Banana Pancake - RM 12.50

Cappuccino - RM 6.50

Anyway, we went back at 10pm and I started another round of revision. Then, I went to shower and continued revision till 12.30am. Started writing this post till now, 12.50am.

Gonna end this post here. Goodnight everyone.

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