Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Exam Week, Day 4 : IAI Exam

Woke up at 8am as usual. Had cereal for breakfast and showered after that. Made my way to BBJ. Parked my car and walked to HOL to meet my friends. Ordered a cup of coffee and stayed there to do some revision.

At 10.30am, we went to the exam hall. The AI exam was easy. We were supposed to choose 2 out of 3 questions for SectionB but I managed to do all 3 of it. 45 minutes before the exam ended, I came out.

AC and ZS came out after me. Were discussing about the exam and then told me that I MISSED A QUESTION AT THE BACK!! There was one more subquestion worth 5 marks which I didn't realize EXISTED.

Anyway, I can't do much about it. 5 marks is just 2.5%. Hopefully I won't need that marks to decide if I get an A or A+. What I answered should be enough. :)

Later, we went to the new shoplots nearby for our lunch. Then we decided to eat at Omega Restaurant and Music Lounge. The banner outside said RM 11.80 net for food and drink. But, when we looked at the complicated menu, there is only ONE item that is RM 11.80...

Set Menu (click to enlarge)

Since we were already here, I decided to order their Full Course Set Lunch which comes with Salad, Grilled Chicken, and refillable Ice Lemon Tea.

Grilled Chicken Fillet (Full Course Set) - RM 16.80

Salad (from Full Course Set)

Lamb Shoulder (Only Main Course set) - RM 14.80

Nasi Goreng Kampung (Only Main Course set) - RM 11.80

Ice Lemon Tea (from all sets)

The food was just okay. Nothing great to shout about. I tried ZS's lamb and didn't like it. KW's Fried Rice was a rip off to me because you can get that kind of stuff for less than half the price!

After lunch, we all went back. I got home and unboxed the CPU that SC bought for us during the PC fair. Installed Win7 on it and some other software. It was cool to use the TV as the monitor.

While installing, I played Mega Jump on my iPod. Even after I was done with the PC, I continued playing. I rate this game as the No.2 must have iPod application! No.1 is still Tap Tap Revenge 3. :)

Mega Jump on iPod

Used the laptop till 7.30pm. Then, dad brought back a surge protector and I switched it with my current extension cord. Spent some time arranging the wires neatly.

Had my dinner after that and came up to use the computer. Just as I wanted to shower, E went inside. So, I hung around for a while. But when the bathroom was free, my relatives came.

DGG came upstairs and asked me to check her summons. So I went to the website and helped her check. Found out that she had 2 unpaid summons. She went back downstairs.

Then, out of curiosity, I entered my IC number and checked if I had summons too. That was one STUPID MISTAKE!! Turns out, I had THREE SPEEDING SUMMONS, each is RM300 so the total fine is RM900!!!

Let's not talk about that now. After everyone left my room, I went to shower. Talked to SS and C till about 10.30pm before they left.

I then started blogging. Later, I tried printing from my laptop but it failed. It used to work last time but somehow it can't now. Gave up after about half an hour.

Continued writing this post till now. It's 12.30am already and I shall end this post here. Goodbye.


  1. The lamb shoulder looks good..... and is it an ipod touch??

  2. Yeah, you can download "Mega Jump" on iPod Touch or iPhone. :)


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