Thursday, August 19, 2010

Exam Week, Day 5 : Preparing for JP

Woke up at 9.30am today and quickly showered. Washed the tumblers and packed my bag. Then, I drove to Gardens. AC's car entered the parking lot almost the same time as me. We then parked nearby each other.

Later, we went to the Starbucks in Borders but didn't like the place. So, we went to the one opposite Baskin Robins as usual. Unloaded our stuff and ordered a drink.

Dark Mocha Frappucino

I took my iPod out and realized that the bottom piece of the cover is broken. :(

Ignoring that, we wrote our notes down into paper till it was 2.30pm. Then, we went to Subway for lunch. They had the Ramadan Promotion so we got one free drink with each "Sandwich of the Day" we bought.

Turkey Ham with Chicken Breast (SOD) - RM 7.50

Free drink

After lunch, AC went back home. I then went to MPH and bought the Timeout magazine for JW. Went home after that.

Used the laptop for a while before taking a nap. Woke up at 5.30pm and used the laptop again. Then at 7.30pm, mum brought J, GG, PP and I out for dinner.

The initial plan was to go to Monte's for GG to try the lamb. But, he was not too hungry. So, mum brought us to Delicious instead.

There, I ordered the Carbonara. Didn't order this for a long time. It wasn't as nice as before but I still consider it good. Later, we ordered a Classic Chocolate Cake to share.

Carbonara Spaghetti - RM 23.90

Classic Chocolate Cake - RM 11.90

Went back home at 9pm and played Mega Jump till about 9.30pm. Then, I showered and started my revision. Stopped at 11.50pm and called JW.

After that, I started writing this post till now. It's 1.30am already and I shall go to bed soon. Goodnight.


  1. Good luck for last paper tmr buddy.. we are gonna do well.. *hopefully*

  2. That Classic chocolate cake looks yummy...

    visit ere~ and clicked a digi

  3. @Nana, thanks. You should try the cake sometime. But it depends on your luck. Sometimes the cake is GREAT, sometimes it isn't. Delicious have very inconsistent cakes. :(


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