Friday, August 6, 2010

One Day to RELAX and HAVE FUN!

Woke up at 10am today and quickly washed up. Drove to college and waited with KW for AC and ZS to arrive. Then, we signed a few stuff before binding our assignments. After that, we submitted our FINAL assignment for our DIPLOMA!

To celebrate, we drove to Damansara Heights and went to "Chef and Brew" for lunch. I ordered the Mixed Grill Set Lunch but it wasn't that great. I ordered Garlic Toast and we shared a Chocolate Cake later.

Complimentary Bread

Garlic Toast (2 slices) - RM 2.80

Seafood Chowder Soup (from set)

Mixed Grill Set - RM 16.90

Fish in Egg with Rice set - RM 16.90

Coffee or Tea (from set)

Dessert - Kiwi Fruitcake (from set)

Chocolate Cake - RM 8.90

After lunch, we drove to Gardens and booked a k-room for 4 person at 3pm. We then walked around till 3pm before going to Redbox. We asked for the student package which gave us a bowl of chips and 3 jugs of drinks.

3 jugs of drinks, 1 bowl of fries and 5 students - RM 68.00

Our cups

ZS, AC and KW


ZS posing, AC staring...

AC and KW

We had lots of fun singing our hearts out. Nice to spend time like that too. At 6pm, we went off. I said bye to them and went to Pastis to find JW and her friend, MT. Walked around till 7pm before going to Manhattan Fish Market for dinner.

There, we ordered the "Mixed Platter for Two" and shared among the 3 of us. We were so stuffed after dinner. The two of them had cakes earlier and I wasn't hungry to start with. The platter wasn't that great though.

Mixed Platter for Two - RM 46.90

Anyway, we walked around for another 10 minutes. AC told me that ZS left his student ID in Redbox. So, we went to Redbox and asked if they have it in the lost and found. The cashier told me to wait a while because there are MANY student ids and she had to look through them!

About 5 minutes later, she came back with ZS's ID and I signed some papers upon collecting it. Dropped MT back home before sending JW to her hostel. I then drove back home.

SC was having a long tech talk with dad. I started blogging for Wednesday and Thursday before I took my shower. After that, I continued writing this post till now. It's 12.25am already. Bye!

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