Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Short Post, Long Day

Woke up at 8am today and had breakfast. As usual, I showered and drove to college. Since I was early, I waited outside the class and used my laptop. After that, all of us went to class till it ended at 11.15am.

KW, AC and I then went to McD. I ordered a McChicken Set and cancelled the order as soon as I saw the price. It wasn't 12pm yet. So, we waited till 12pm before ordering our lunch. I had the fillet-of-fish set that KW bought for me.

Fillet-o-Fish Set (regular) - RM 6.25

Sundae Cone - RM 1.05

Later, we went back to TPM and parked AC's car. ZS then drove us to APIIT with his car. It's his first time parking his car at TPM.

We then went to the discussion room and waited for our presentation. My slot was at 4.30pm but I only got to present at about 5.30pm. The lecturer said I scored 24/30 and I was kinda disappointed.

Then, I punched it into the calculator, and was HAPPY! 24/30 means I scored 80% and that's an A! We then waited till DY finished his presentation. It was close to 7pm by then. Since it was gonna be jammed, we decided to go out for dinner.

But, we realized that we have to go through the jam no matter where we want to go. So, we agreed to go home instead. And surprisingly, my drive home was VERY SMOOTH. Even the usual jammed spots were clear.

Back home, I had my dinner and came upstairs to use the laptop. After that, I showered and continued working on my assignment.

Also, I called DiGi twice today. One in the morning, one at night. The blackberry I'm using keeps accessing data from DiGi which made me lose about RM8. Hopefully after this, they won't deduct any more money!

Anyway, it's 11.48pm already. Time to end this post and call my girlfriend. :)

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