Thursday, August 5, 2010

The LAST Assignment

Woke up at 9am and got ready for college. Drove to TPM and went to meet KW and AC. We then worked on our AI documentation till 2.30pm. We took a break and went to Rabbit Cafe for lunch.

Garlic Chicken Rice Set - RM 8.90

I had their set which was quite cheap. Food was okay too. AC ordered fish and chips but while I pulled my plate to me, I knocked his over and HIS FOOD WENT FLYING TO HIS JACKET!! Chili sauce got stuck on his jacket and chips on the floor. What's left is the fish. SORRY! :(

Fish with NO CHIPS - RM 14.90 :(

Later, we finished up and picked ZS up. We then went to ask a student services staff a few question for our assignment. After that, we went back upstairs to finish the rest of the documentation.

At 6pm, all of us went back home. Used the laptop for a while before having dinner. Showered and started working on my assignment. Tweaked the program till 2.30am and sent my documentation for AC to print.

Went to bed at 3am...

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