Saturday, August 28, 2010

How To Make Muffins

First of all, you need to get a few items. The most important thing is the muffin tray. Without it, the muffin will become a soft and weird cookie. We also need paper cups for the muffins.

Muffin Tray - RM 17.99

Paper Cake Cups - RM 1.89

Besides that, we need eggs, milk, butter, flour, sugar, chocolate chips, and food coloring.

Eggs - RM 3.89

Farmhouse Fresh Milk - RM 7.59

SCS Butter - RM 7.79 (each)

Self-raising Flour - RM 4.29

Icing Sugar - RM 1.89

Chocolate Chips - RM 11.29

Pink and Blue coloring - RM 1.99 (each)

So once you have all the ingredients, we can start.

First, we put a block of butter into the mixing bowl and cream it till it is smooth. Then, we measure the amount of sugar. When the accurate amount is acquired, we pour that into the mixing bowl and continue creaming.

Creaming the butter in the bowl

Measuring sugar on the scale

Sugar is added into the mixing bowl

After mixing for some time, the mixture turns soft and light. That is when you can start to use the electric mixer.

Electronic mixer in action!

The next step would be to get some eggs, then separate the egg yolk and egg whites. After that, we beat the egg white until it is stiff and foam is formed. Scoop the foam into the mix and continue beating the rest of the egg white. Repeat process until all egg white has stiffen. Pour the egg yolk into the mixture and stir again.

Separating the egg yolk from the whites

Beating the egg white

Foam is produced

Adding the foam into the mixture

When that is done, we measure the amount of flour according to the recipe. After that, we sifted some flour into the mixture slowly. Then, we stir the mix. This is repeated until all the flour is added into mixture. Sifting is a MUST to produce nice muffins.

Measuring flour on the scale

Sifting the flour

Next, we stir the mixture for a while. Stopped a few times to add some milk into the mixture. This is done about 3 times. We used fresh milk for this. It's up to you what milk you want to use.

Adding milk into the mixture

Stirring the mixture

Stirring again...

Here's the fun part. Chocolates! Measure the chocolate chips as usual. Then, we pour the chocolates chips into the mixture. This time, do NOT use the electronic mixer but a normal spoon to stir.

Measuring the chocolate chips

Chocolate chips in the mixture. :D

After the mixing is complete, we have our muffins mix. This can make us about 20 big muffins. Next, we took out the paper cups and put one each in the holes of the muffin tray.

Paper cups in the muffin tray

Next, we fill each cup with about 2.5 spoonfuls of the mixture. Also preheat the oven for 15 minutes. Then, we put the tray into the oven and wait.

In the oven

Over time, the muffins will rise. Check on it once in a while to make sure it doesn't BURN! In about 20 minutes, the muffins should be fully baked. Then take the tray out and let it cool.

Oven check 1

Oven check 2


The muffins are now ready to be eaten. Finish the rest of the mixture by baking as many batches as the amount would allow.

Now to decorate the muffins, we need icing. To get that, we need butter and sugar. We don't need to use the SCS butter for this because it will be a waste. As usual, we cream the butter and sugar. The amount of sugar and butter is determined by how you like your icing.

Creaming the butter

Adding sugar


Once you are done, there is only one thing left to do. Add coloring! Separate the icing into three bowls. Then, add 3 drops of pink food coloring into one bowl and 3 drops of blue into another bowl. Stir the icing.

Later, scoop some pink and blue icing into another bowl. Mix them together and you will get purple icing. So now, we have 4 colors. Yellow (the original color), Blue (looks more like green), Pink and Purple (mixture of pink and blue).

Next, fold tracing paper into cones to create pipes for piping. Tape the corners of each paper. Then, snip the bottom off. You can use that or snip a bigger hole to put a nozzle inside. After that, transfer all the icing into their pipes.

You can now use the pipes to decorate your muffins. Let your creativity go WILD. Also, make sure that the muffins are cool. The icing will melt if you put it on a hot muffin.

Our muffins

Finally, your muffins can be served. If you are good, you can even sell them. Make sure to send me a big gift when that happens. :)

*instructions thanks to Joyce Wong
*recipe not included as requested owner
*ingredients bought from TMC, Bangsar on 28/8/10

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