Monday, August 30, 2010

How To Make Jucy Lucy

So today, we are going to make Jucy Lucy. That's the name for a burger with cheese INSIDE its patty.

First, we need to get the main ingredients. Burger buns, CHEESE and minced meat (pork in our case).

Burger Buns


Minced Pork (Chicken and Beef are fine too)

About half an hour before you plan to cook, you should marinate the meat. Here's how.

Thaw the meat till it is soft. After that, pour it into a bowl and marinate it. Ingredients like oregano, garlic and other herbs are optional. But, make sure you add salt and pepper.

Before marinating

After marinating

Cover the bowl and keep it inside the fridge. The longer you leave it, the stronger the flavour gets. But if you plan to cook it another day, keep it in the freezer. Let it thaw 30 minutes before you plan to cook.


Before we start cooking, take the marinated meat out. Take a lump of meat and roll it into a ball. Flatten it on the chopping board to form a patty. Make another one. Now, you have 2 patties.

Next, sandwich some cheese in between the two patties and seal the edges by pinching them together. This is how your patty should look upon completion.

Cheese in between the patties

One complete Jucy Lucy patty

Repeat this until all your meat is used up. One packet of minced meat should make about 3-4 patties.

The patties. :)

Now, pour some oil into the pan. When the oil is heated, slide the patties into the pan and let it sizzle. Flip when necessary.

Patty sizzling in the pan

Flipping the patty

When both sides of the patty has browned, remove the patty from the pan. It should look something like this.

A cooked Jucy Lucy patty

Next, we slice and butter the buns. Then, put them into the oven for about 10 minutes in low heat. Alternatively, you can sizzle them on the pan to give them a crisps.

Burger buns sliced and ready to be buttered

Heating them up in the oven

After that, put the patties in between the buns. You can now dress the burgers with anything you want. Mayonnaise, tomatoes, onions and lettuce are highly recommended.

the Jucy Lucys

Finally, the Jucy Lucys are ready to be served. Enjoy your meal.

*instructions and editing by Joyce Wong
*the writer is not responsible for any locked jaws or stomachaches.

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