Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Last Presentation

Woke up at 9am and went to college after I showered. Prepared for our presentation till it was 11am. Then, my group went to Level 4. After AC presented, it was our turn. Managed to present quite well. I'm happy.

Later, we went to Big Mouth in Sri Petaling. I ordered the "Teng Zhai Porridge with Beef" set but it was tasteless. DY's chicken was tasteless too. AC, ZS and KW's food was good though. Must order the right thing in this place.

Big Mouth, Sri Petaling

ZS' Portuguese Style Seafood Fried Spaghetti - RM 11.80

DY's Drumstick in Garlic Soup with Rice - RM 12.80

KW's Chicken Pan Mee in Seaweed Soup (set) - RM 10.90

AC's Dry Pan Mee with Curry Beef (set) - RM 10.90

My Teng Zhai Porridge with Beef (set) - RM 10.90

Herbal Tea (from set)

Mango Pudding (from set)

After lunch, AC and I went to Starbucks. Wasn't too productive this time. We just sorted out our notes. At 5.30pm, I went back home. Was watching videos on FB and saw one of Peter Chao's video. It was DAMN FUNNY!

Some drink AC bought

So, I spent an hour watching 24 videos made by him! They are all funny, but most of it is quite vulgar. Kids below 18 better not watch.

Anyway, I had dinner at 7.30pm and came up to shower and use the laptop after that. At about 9pm, some of our relatives came over. Went downstairs to talk to C and M. Came back up at about 10.30pm.

Talked to JW on Skype till 11.30pm before I started studying. It's 1am now and I just finished blogging. Will be attending the Toy Story Animation Seminar tomorrow morning. See ya...

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