Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wang Lee Hom Showcase at One Utama

Since we were in the mall, M, J and I decided to go over to Central Park Avenue. We got there at about 6.10pm and it was crowded. We were quite far from the stage because we did not buy the album or have tickets to enter the premier area.

We stood there and waited for Wang Lee Hom to arrive. At 6.40pm, he came on stage and sang 你不知道的事 (Love in Disguise theme song). I took out my camera to take a video of it.

Wang Lee Hom in One Utama, Malaysia

Then, I realized that the battery was super low. The battery bar kept flashing and I prayed that it won't die so soon. So here is what I recorded. The video is clear, but sound isn't too good. Towards the end, Lee Hom faced my direction and waved!

Part 1

Unfortunately after nearly 2 minutes, my camera died. So, I took out my phone and continued recording. It was my first time recording, so the second video is very poorly done.

Part 2

Later, I tried it again. You can hear the music better in the last video. But, M and I were talking abit. The picture is really poor quality too. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy my video. :P

Part 3

After he finished singing the song, they interviewed him for a while. The sound system wasn't good so those at the back (include me) couldn't really hear what they were saying.

When they were done, the press came on stage and took a few pictures of him. Finally, they took out a table and he sat there. Fans came on stage and he signed the albums they bought.

Lee Hom and fans (pic from his facebook)

Since we did not buy his album, we went off at about 7pm while he was still signing albums. This was an unplanned event but I still had fun. :)

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