Sunday, August 15, 2010

Exam Week, Day 1 : Preparing for ISWE

There was some loud banging sounds from the back of my house. One of the neighbors were renovating their house. I couldn't stand it anymore so I finally woke up. Checked the time and it was 10.30am.

Started using the computer for about half an hour. Then, I started studying till it was lunch time. At about 12pm, I drove the Merc and drove everyone to the Curve. It was quite a different experience driving this car.

Later, we decided to eat at Kim Gary. MM, AC and our grandparents joined us too. There, I had the cheese baked rice set and a French toast. Food was okay, but it wasn't the best.

Cheese Baked Rice with Pork Chop Set - RM 16.90

French Toast - RM 4.90

After that, we went to Schein where the girls did some adjustments. I sat there reading my notes. When they were done, we went to Chocolate and got some Sundaes.

Sundae - RM 1.50 (each)

J kept nagging mum and in the end, we went to Paddington's AGAIN! This time, we shared the Treasure Box. Later, we went back to Schein to collect their stuff before going back home.

Treasure Box - RM 17.00

Got back at about 4pm and I started studying while watching TV till 6pm. Stopped and relaxed till it was dinner time.

All of us then went to this Nyonya restaurant for dinner with GTA's family and MM's family. Food was okay. Then, we stopped to buy some stuff before reaching home at 10pm.

Took my shower and started writing this post. It's 11pm now and I shall do one more round of revision before going to bed. Night.

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