Friday, August 20, 2010

Exam Week, Day 6 : JP Exam

Woke up at 7.30am and had biscuits for breakfast. Then, I showered and went to BBJ. We then went to HOL as usual. Then at 10am, we went over to the exam hall. Later, we went in and sat for our final paper.

The JP exam was easier than expected. Managed to do all questions even though we are not asked to do everything. This time, I made sure there were no extra questions at the back. :p

Later, I waited for AC, KW and ZS to come out. Then, I drove to Sunway and picked JW. After that, we went to Sunway Pyramid. Waited for the others to arrive.

When they arrived, we bought tickets to watch "Love in Disguise". Then, we made our way to Tony Roma's for lunch. Everyone agreed it was worth it. My food was nice too. :)

Complimentary Bread

Potato Soup (from set)

Caesar Chicken Salad - RM 16.90

We stayed there slowly sipping our drinks till 2.30pm. Then, we went back to TGV and went into the cinema hall.

"Love in Disguise" was half love story and half comedy. I like the music in the movie too. Definitely a must-watch for those Wang Lee Hom fans.

Love in Disguise

At about 5pm, the movie ended. AC and ZS went off in one car to pick HY. The rest of us went to my car. Once there, I found this car parked next to me. What an inconsiderate IDIOT! I had to drive out before the others could go into my car...

Dumb car who can't park within the lines.

I even wonder HOW did he get down his car...

Anyway, we then drove out to SS15 and went to Snowflake. Waited about 20 minutes for AC to arrive with HY and ZS. After that, we went to order.

Unfortunately, the RAN OUT OF GRASS JELLY and other ingredients. So, they could only serve the Soya Series which I did not enjoy. Disappointed. We still had fun chatting though.

Soya Series with Yam, Red Bean, and Pearls - RM 5.50

Japan Combo - RM 6.50

Later, we walked over to Club 9. There, we played 3 rounds of pool. It was really fun. As it was getting late, we decided to go for dinner. HY was hungry but the rest of us weren't. Anyway, we went to Salmon Steakhouse.

There, JW and I shared a Black Pepper Chicken Chop Rice. The food was just okay but I don't expect much since we only paid RM 6.50. Really worth it.

Black Pepper Chicken Chop Rice - RM 6.50

At 8pm, AC sent the others home. Then, JW and I picked AF and YS from the hostel side gate. We then went back to SS15 and parked the car.

This time, we went to Beans. Attended the Cell Group dinner/outing/catchup session. JW and I shared a Honeydew Sago Ice which didn't turn out nice. Her cell leader, NS was sharing her experience in New York with us.

Went off at 10.30pm and dropped JW and YS back at the side gate. JW was a hungry so we shared a burger which we bought from the burger stall near the gate.

At about 11.10pm, I said goodbye and drove on home. Traffic was a little heavy when I was near UMMC.

Got home at about 11.40pm and used the laptop for a while. Then, I took my shower and continued blogging.

It's 2am now and I'm going to bed real soon. Night...

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