Saturday, August 21, 2010

Exam Week, Day 7 : Enjoying!

Woke up at 7.45am and showered. Then, I waited till 9am before driving to Sunway. Picked JW and we went back to TMC and bought flour, icing sugar, and some vanilla essence.

Got back to my place and we started making pancakes. First, JW mixed some eggs, sugar and flour. Then we added water. Stirred it till for a while before we poured it into the wok.

Yes, we used a wok. That's why the pancakes look so cacat. We tasted the first pancake and decided to add more sugar. A few more tries later, we realized we forgot to add milk! So, we poured milk and flour into the batter.

First pancake...

Second one...

Fourth one (milk is added)...

Then, dad went and borrowed a flat pan from our neighbor. After that, our pancakes looked much nicer. And since we had the flat pan, I decided to try FLIPPING the pancakes! I was quite successful with the small ones. Later, I tried one medium sized one which was okay too

Fifth one (using the flat pan)...

About the seventh one. I fried this! :p

Later, J tried to make some mini-pancakes too. After that, we finished eating the pancakes. There were still some batter left. So, I poured it into a tupperware and kept it in the fridge.

J's (my sister) mini pancakes. :)

I then came upstairs to open my Xtreamer Pro. It's a media player that can hold 2 hard disks and also connect to online channels. The best part is, this device is connected to my TV with the HDMI cable which allows us to watch bluray quality movies! :P Thanks SC, for introducing this to our family!

Xtreamer Pro

It's connected to my harddisk for testing.

Movie is channeled to my TV!

Later, dad brought us out for lunch. We went to the famous "Ah Khai Char Siew Rice" in Section 20. There, we ordered some Char Siew and Chicken. Food was okay. After that, we went back home to rest.

Char Siew


At about 4pm, mum then brought J, E, JW and I to Gardens. There, we exchanged E's school shoe (bought yesterday) for another model. Then we went over to Sony Ericsson and got our Naite's. Thanks mum. :D

SE J105 Naite (black is mine) - RM 499

After that, we went down to redeem some vouchers from the "Raya Promo" counter. Since all of us were thirsty, we decided to have a drink at Coffee Bean. JW and I shared an Ice Blended The Extreme.

JW took her phone out of the box and realized that they did not give us any memory card. So, we checked online and saw that "GSMArena" wrote that it is included. Then, JW, J and I went back to the shop and demanded for 2 microSD (2gb) memory cards. ;)

Later, we went to FOS and bought socks for J and M. Then, we came back home and hung around till it was time for dinner. So at about 7.30pm, we went out for dinner. This time, dad brought us to Pitstop which was near Happy Mansion.

The food there was quite reasonable and they had student discounts. For some reason, KDU, UTAR, and UM students only get 10% off while other students have 15% discount!

An interesting disclaimer.

Anyway, I ordered the Barcelona Chicken Chop Set which came with mushroom soup and a free drink. I asked for Taiwanese Milk Tea. Ordered the "Garlic Butter Croissant" add-on which was okay.

Butter Garlic Croissant - RM 3.30 (add-on)

Mashed Potato - RM 3.90 (add-on)

This place is actually famous for the games. There are many fun and new board games here to try out. So while waiting for our food, we played a few of the games. The staff here was also quite friendly as one of them came over to teach us how to play.

My food arrived about half an hour later and it was quite good. The soup and drink served was okay too. For the food and environment, I find this pricing here reasonable. Would come again if I had the chance. :)

Barcelona Chicken Chop (Western Set) - RM 18.90 (before discount)

Mushroom Soup (from western set)

Taiwanese Milk Tea (from all sets)
*I was too thirsty, I drank more than half before taking this picture!*

After dinner, we took another game to play. I don't know what it is called, but this is a fun version of tic-tac-toe. Instead of drawing circles and crosses, 4 players take turns to drop colored coins into the area to for a 3-in-a-row! We had so much FUN playing this game.

Fun version of tic-tac-toe!

Mine is RED. :)

Finally at 10pm, we paid the bill and left the place. Got back home at 10.15pm and I used the laptop for a while before sending JW back at her hostel.

At about 11.20pm, I got back home. Used the laptop for a while before taking my shower. Started chatting and blogging till now. It's 3am already and I shall go to bed soon. Bye...

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