Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday :)

Woke up at 9am and took my shower before driving to Sunway. Picked JW and we came back home. We then used our laptops to blog. I wrote yesterdays post while JW uploaded her pictures.

We waited for M and J to come home from school. Then at 1pm, we drove off to Bangsar Village for lunch. Met up with mum and MM at Delicious. There, I ordered Caesar Salad which was quite good.

Caesar Salad

Later, JW and I went to the bank to settle some stuff. Then, we went back to Delicious. After that, M and J followed us and we walked over to BV. There, we got ourselves some pretzels from Auntie Anne's.

All of us then went to Caring and bought porepacks. Paid parking and drove off. Picked mum on the way. It rained heavily on the way home. Even with umbrellas, all of our limbs were drenched.

Back home, I transferred some pictures and updated some stuff. Played some games on our iPods. Then, we took a nap till about 7.30pm.

I took my shower and we had dinner together. Then, I came upstairs and applied the porepack. Later, we went downstairs to watch a badminton game. It was a waste of time as Lee Chong Wei played badly during the last round.

We continued watching TV till it was 11pm. After that, JW packed her stuff and I drove her back. I got home just before 12am and started writing this post.

I'm gonna end this post and go to bed now. Night...

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