Thursday, August 26, 2010

Last Minute Event! :)

Woke up at 12am as I heard my phone receive an SMS. Woke up and used the laptop till about 2pm. Then, I had my lunch. Took a nap after that and got up at 4pm.

JW called me and asked if I got an email from digi. I actually got the invitation to the event yesterday but I thought it was crap since I didnt' sign up for it. Turns out, JW did it for me and we were the two out of fifty people who got it! :)

So, I showered and got dressed. Drove out and realized that I'm low on petrol. So I took a detour and refueled the car. The stupid station couldn't verify my card. Had to pay cash...

Later, I drove on to Sunway and picked JW and VV up. We shared a burger as dinner. Once near Mont Kiara, I took the wrong turn and ended up in some tunnel in the mountain. Made a u-turn and managed to get back in Solaris.

After parking, we asked around for the place and the guard said it is not here. We asked the jockey and he didn't know it too. We panicked. JW went online and downloaded the promo picture which cost her RM3.

We then confirmed it was in Soho KL. We asked another guard, and he was much more helpful. He gave us the correct directions and we got to the place within minutes.

We were greeted by the staff there. JW and I registered and VV was our guest. We could actually bring one more person. Anyway, they gave us a goodie bag and some popcorn. Inside the bag were some flyers on digi promos, a pen with post-its, and a packet of tissue.


Celebrities Hall of Music, Soho KL



All of us were also given vouchers for "Wheel of fortune", "Lucky Grab" and a free mocktail. I felt a little cheated because the picture said free cocktail. Damn...

Games Area

There was also a podium to play "tic-tac-toe". And from these 3 games, the 3 of us got 2 RM50 Tenji vouchers, 3 umbrellas, 4 water bottles, and 2 nokia lanyards. We also got our mocktails which wasn't too impressive.

Tenji Vouchers

Water Bottle


At about 9pm, the event started. It was an hour after the specified time. Sigh. The emcee named Sugar started the event. A singer and pianist went on stage and sang a few songs. Then, a regional big shot named Patrick came out and gave a speech.


Vijay David and the pianist

Mr Patrick

Mr Patrick wished all the August babies happy birthday. Everyone then was served a small slice of cake. After that, there was a lucky draw session.


Then, another singer, Z-Rin came stage to perform. Later, there was another lucky draw session. When they were done, this band called "The Union" came on stage and played songs from the 80s. VV and JW thinks that its the highlight of the night.

The Union

Finally after that, the last lucky draw session started. We had a chance to win a Nokia C5. But unfortunately, we won nothing. Z-Rin came out to sing again. But this time, almost half the crowd left. Including us.

We then went back to Bangsar and I brought them to SNM. There, JW had banana leaf rice while VV had puri and I had roti planta. All of us had teh tarik.

Roti Planta

Teh Tarik

Later, VV paid for us. I then dropped them back at the Sunway Hostel side gate. Later, I came home and used the laptop for a short while. Took my shower and went to bed...

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