Monday, August 2, 2010

Why Vampires Suck?

Nuffnang is giving away 80 pairs of invites to watch "Vampires Suck" on 26th of August, ONE day before it is shown in cinemas. To win this, all you got to do is write a post and share why you think vampires suck (why you dislike vampires).

First of all, I think vampires suck because, they SUCK blood. Come on, I'm sure there are much more interesting bodily fluid to suck than blood right? :P

Also, they are so strong and fast but all it takes to kill them is a stab with a wooden stake or a few sprinkles of holy water? Is this even logical!

Last but not least, they fight with such brutality and portray to teenagers that domestic violence is okay as long as the guy says "I Love You".

So if u think vampires suck, do go watch "Vampires Suck" as it is REALLY FUNNY, judging from the trailer.

Vampires SUCK

Click here for contest details.

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