Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cheated by the STAR! You guys are ******s!

Woke up at 8am today and showered. Later, I ate a cream puff before driving to Sunway. VV and JW got into my car. Then, we waited for LC to park his car before he came into my car. After that, we drove off to Pavilion.

We were there to watch "The Last Airbender" thanks to "the Star". But upon entering, they did not give us 3D glasses. We asked the worker and he told us this movie isn't in 3D. That was where I felt so CHEATED! They PRINTED "The Last Airbender IN 3D" and yet the screening isn't in 3D.

They openly print "IN 3D" on the tickets!!

Hall 2

If you read AC's blog, you'd recognize her. :P

WHAT THE H*LL! The Star is a ENGLISH NEWSPAPER and they can do such a thing? This really gives me a bad impression on them. I guess my parents made a wise choice by subscribing to NST instead of the Star all these years...

Anyway, I wrote an email to them already. I wonder what excuse they would give. Won't even be surprised if the do not even reply my mail.

Back to the movie, it was actually disappointing. I can accept the fact that the Asian characters are played by Americans and Indians. But what I didn't get was why "General Zhao", obviously a Chinese name, was played by an Indian. This director is dumb...

The Avatar's name, Aang, is pronounce "Ehhng" in the animated series. But, they referred to him in the movie as "Arrng". What is wrong with you people?!

Also, the "bending" moves were unrealistic and unnaturally performed by the cast. Watching the cartoon is much better than this so called "epic fail" movie. Fighting scenes were really fake. They should learn from LOTR or Narnia.

Besides that, the storyline was too rushed. The only thing this movie succeeds in doing would probably be making more people interested to watch the actual "Avatar: The Last Airbender" cartoon.

Anyway, the movie ended at 12.30pm and we drove back to Sunway. Went to Mentari Court and decided to eat at this place called "My Cafe". Nobody came to welcome us for about 5 minutes.

Later, we got seated and ordered our food. VV, JW and I had the Black Pepper Chicken Chop Rice while LC had the Nasi Lemak Rendang. The food here was bad and so was the service. Definitely never coming back here anymore.

Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang

Black Pepper Chicken Chop with Rice

After lunch, we went to get Bubble Tea. Unfortunately, the shop was not open. Dropped LC at his car and sent VV back at the hostel. Then, JW and I went back to my place.

We used the laptop till about 5.30pm before going to the kitchen. There, we made garlic bread! Tried it twice and both of it failed. We decided that for the next time, we will get baguettes.

At about 7.30pm, we went to Aman Suria for dinner. LC treated his family (my family) and a bunch of his friends. Dinner was at "Chan Kee'. It ended at about 10pm and he went out with his friends.

The rest of us then decided to go to "Kayu" for our second round. There, we ordered Roti Tissue to share. I also had a "Teh O Limau Ais" which was good.

Teh O Limau Ais

Roti Tissue

After that, I dropped JW back at the hostel side gate. Then, I drove home and started blogging till now.

It's 1am already and I shall end this post and go to bed. Night...

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