Monday, August 2, 2010

Temporary Relieve

Woke up at 7.30am today. Biscuits and milk for breakfast. When I tasted the milk, it felt weird. I let dad try but he thinks it is fine. Anyway, I just used it to dip my biscuits and threw the rest down the sink.

Took my shower and got dressed. Drove to TPM and walked over to ENT3. Sat for the Java class test till it was 10.15am. After that, we went over to the main building to collect our SDP assignment.

Upon collection, we filled in the CSFF and submitted our assignment! Then, we went to Kung Fu Pan Mee for lunch. There, I ordered Sze Chuan Pan Mee which was quite good. After lunch, we paid and drove back to APIIT.

Sze Chuan Pan Mee - RM 5.20

Walked over to ENT3 and waited in class till 2pm. Then, our SE lecturer came in and our test started. At 3.30pm, I came out. The test was tougher than expected but still not too bad.

Since we had time before our next class, we went to DNL and I had Roti Planta. Today's one wasn't even nice. I had to drown it in daal to get some taste into it.

Roti Planta - RM 1.50

Went for our AI class at 4pm. Less than 2 hours later, class ended. We went to the car park and AC transferred some stuff to my thumbdrive. Then, I dropped KW at the LRT before driving back home.

Then, I used the laptop till 8.30pm. After that, I went downstairs for dinner and came upstairs to continued surfing the net. Tonight is my "night off" to recover from the brain drain I suffered earlier.

Anyway, it's 11.33pm already and I shall end this post here. Bye...

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