Monday, August 23, 2010

Fun Filled Day!

Woke up at 9am today and took my shower. Left the house at 10am and went to pick JW. We then went to Mentari Court to get bubble tea. This time, we found out that the "burst-in-ur-mouth" bubble is called "Jelly Ball".

Ordered grape flavored shake with jelly balls. It was good. Drove back home and we hung out till noon. SS, SS and C came over. We chatted for about an hour while I transferred some movies to him.

Our bubble tea. :)

M and J came back moments after SS and family left. I then ate lunch with them and told them that SS invited us over to make pancakes. So, they got ready and we left the house at about 3.45pm.

This is how we transported our eggs...

Once in SS's house, we started cooking the pancakes using last Saturday's batter. I wasn't too successful with flipping pancakes this time. Later, we ate the first batch.

Some of the pancakes...

First Batch

JW suggested we made jam-filled ones. So, we mixed a new batch of batter and cooked all of it. We only made 2 pieces with jam because we wanted to finish cooking quick. At about 5.20pm, we rushed back for J's tuition.

Second Batch

Artist's impression of me flipping the pancakes! :P

I then showered before driving JW back to her hostel. It was pretty jammed so we only reached at 7pm. JW showered and we went over to Sunway Pyramid just in time at 7.35pm.

We were the first ones there. So, we got the table and waited for the others to come. We were here for A's birthday. Left them at 8.20pm to collect "Grown Ups" movie tickets at TGV.

Grown Ups

The collection was so disorganized because nobody knew where the line was. Managed to collect the tickets after 20 minutes of waiting. Then, I went back to join the others for dinner.

Shared the "Wok Seared Chicken Chop" with JW and it was delicious! By the time we finished our dinner, it was already 9.20pm. We said bye to the rest and went off.

Wok Seared Chicken Chop - RM 16.90

Before going to the cinema, we dropped by a phone shop and bought our screen protectors for RM10.

Went into the cinema hall and watched Grown Ups. The movie was mostly funny. It had some values to it too. But, I watched the trailer a few times and so I didn't laugh during parts featured in the trailer. Overall, it was an entertaining movie which I'd recommend you guys to watch.

Movie ended at 11.20pm and I dropped JW at the side gate before going home. I then started blogging and chatting till now.

It's 2.15am already and I shall go to bed now. Night...

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