Thursday, August 12, 2010

Attended the Student Seminar of the Pixar Toy Story 3 Lecture Series

Woke up at 6.30am and waited for my turn to use the bathroom. After that, I got dressed and drove to TPM. We agreed to meet at 7.45am and I was there 10 minutes earlier. ZS arrived an HOUR later! He was stuck in a jam.

Anyway, he picked us up and drove over to ENT4. We realized that the parking there was RM 2.50 per hour. So, we decided to park at our usual spot and walk over to ENT4. It wasn't that long a walk, but unnecessary.

We registered ourselves and were told that taking pictures are not allowed. So, we went into the auditorium and sat for the lecture. We had a break after the first lecture, followed by another 2 lectures, a break, and another lecture.

Pixar Toy Story 3 Lecture Series @ TPM

I'm a Participant.

At 1pm, it was lunch time. The 3 of us joined another 7 strangers at one of the tables for lunch. It was quite a good lunch catered by Banana Cafe. Later, we went back for another series of 4 lectures till it was over at 6pm.

Our lunch.

The lecture series is actually more advanced than expected. ZS, AC and I have not even heard of the software mentioned in the talk. This lecture series is more suitable for Animation students.

Though it did not aid us in our studies, I don't mind paying RM50 for this 8-hour program as it is just like "Toy Story 3 behind the scenes" from the perspectives of the animation crew.

Anyway, we walked back to our cars and drove home. Got back at about 7pm and I used the laptop for a short while.

After that, I took my shower and had dinner. Came back upstairs to use the computer. Studied till 12am before starting to blog.

It's 12.30am already. Goodbye.

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