Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Do You Know What an ASPIRIN MASK is?

We had some time to spare before it was time to meet her dad. So, she decided to put an Aspirin Mask on my face.

First, you need a face. In this case, me. :)

Me (before)

You will also need two aspirin tablets. Make sure the tablet contains 100% and UNCOATED Aspirin. Don't use the type with other stuff in the tablets. I would recommend you buy "Disprin".

Disprin - RM 1.30

Use some water to melt the tablets. Crush them in your palms till they become small pieces.

Melting the tablet...

Then, spread them on your face and give it a light scrubbing. Repeat this with another tablet. This is how you would look like.

Vampire! :P

Wait for it to dry. When you can not smile, that's the time for you to wash it off your face.

Sipping Yakult while waiting for it to dry...

If you are attempting this at night, you are DONE!


BUT, if you are doing this when the sun is still up, you have to apply Sunblock on your face. This is because Aspirin reduces your skins UV protection. It is also advised to use sunblock with at least SPF15.

Sunblock (before applying around face)

After that, you are DONE! Notice the difference in your face? :)

Me (after)

*Tips and advice passed on to me by Joyce Wong.
*We also won't be responsible for any mishaps.

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