Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Out with Family

Woke up at about 10.30am and used the laptop till noon. Was installing "MyPhoneExplorer" so that I can connect my Naite with my laptop. With that, I can sync files and contacts. My favourite function was that I can sens SMS with my laptop! :D

Then at about 1.30pm, M drove us to BU. We picked C and K before going over to Sunway Giza. After that, we decided to have lunch in Cravings. SS and SS joined us too.

The food there was pricey. But since we were there, I decided to try their Grilled Chicken Chop with Paula Sauce. When it arrived, I felt so disappointed and cheated!

LC ordered Grilled Chicken Lamb but his lamb is TWICE the size of my chicken. WTF!! To make it worse, they served it in a mini plate, and even put cubed carrots and corn!! I swear I'll never come here again!

LC's Lamb Chop

My Grilled Chicken Chop with Paula Sauce - RM 20.90
*totally not worth it. don't ever order this!*

The soup we ordered was a cheat too. I thought it was reasonable to pay RM 4.90 for such a big bowl. But when the spoon hit the bottom of the plate, my face totally changed. ARGH!!

Mushroom Soup - RM 4.90


Spoon in soup. It is barely 1/5 of the spoon's head!

Everyone else's food were either okay or bad. The only exception was M's Monster Burger which she said was good. We watched Hannah Montana the movie till about 3.10pm. Then, dad paid and we left.

Monster Burger - RM 25.90
*that's their wifi password too*

We walked around and spotted this shop, the Zun Kitchenette. They were promoting their tea time set which was RM5 nett for a dessert and a snack. So, we went in and ordered 4 sets.

the Zun Kitchenette, Sunway Giza

They told us they only have the "Pumpkin and Radish Cake" for snacks because others were sold out. "Herbal Jelly" was also sold out so we could only order Honeydew Sago or Red Bean Paste.

We then ordered 2 Honeydew Sago and 2 Red Bean Paste to share. We were talking about how they should have handled the situation better and why they should not mislead the customers.

Honeydew Sago (dessert)

Red Bean Paste (dessert)

Pumpkin and Radish cakes (snacks)

I think we talked too loud. Because out of nowhere, the manager comes up to us and apologizes. He also explained to us why they were so understocked. The poor fella ordered too much last month and had to throw away most of it.

So this time, he ordered less but the turnout was much better. It was only 3.30pm and all the snacks were sold out! We only got 3 "radish cakes" because that was the only snacks left for today.

To keep us happy, he told us that the bill was on him. We then ate our dessert and snacks. It wasn't that great, but still edible. Later, we bid LC goodbye as he will be going to Singapore to work for 6 months.

M drove us to One Utama because we suddenly decided to go shopping. Once there, we went to get drinks. I got myself a Red Milk Tea. Then, we regrouped and continued walking.

Milk Tea - RM 2.50

We spent about an hour in Jusco because dad and the girls wanted to buy some stuff. After that, we went hunting for rechargeable batteries for our Wii.

When we were done, it was already 6pm. SS mentioned earlier that Wang Lee Hom would be coming to One Utama for a showcase. So, M, J and I decided to go join the crowd. Went to Central Park Avenue for his Showcase.

He started giving autographs to those who brought his albums at about 7pm. Since we did not have it, we left the place. Mum went into Daiso so the rest of us waited outside till she was done shopping.

After that, we decided to have dinner. I suggested Wong Kok because it wouldn't be so packed. But, we went to Breeks Cafe instead and the place was full. Walked around for another 15 minutes before we ended in the place I suggested all along, Wong Kok. My family is great.

I ordered Cheese Baked Rice with Beef and it was quite nice. My Iced Coffee was also good. Service was fast and efficient as the waiters were running around like mad dogs. C got unlucky as they didn't take her order.

Cheese Baked Rice with Beef - RM 13.50

Iced Coffee in HK Style - RM 2.80

We left the place at about 10pm and drove back home. Then, I started blogging while waiting for my turn to shower. Came out and continued blogging again till now.

It's 1.23am and I shall end this post here. Goodnight. :)

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