Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another Movie Date

Woke up at 11am today and realized that mum already went to KL Sentral. I was supposed to send her but dad did it instead. I then showered before driving over to Sunway. Picked JW up and brought her back home.

Then, we watched Unthinkable till it was about 1pm. Went downstairs for vegetarian lunch. After that, we watched Eclipse. J popped in occasionally to join us too.

The movie ended at 4.10pm and we went downstairs for ice cream. Later, we both napped till 5.15pm. I then got dressed before driving off to One Utama.

We knew it would be jammed if we went late. So this time, the toll area wasn't jammed up. There was still the usual TTDI congestion though. Reached the mall at 6pm and found a nice parking spot.

Then, we went to Breeks Cafe. The staff told us that we have to sit outside where it was hot and stuffy. The indoor area was reserved for Seoul Garden's buffet. So for the second time in one week, I left the place.

We then decided to go to Fish and Co. This time, the price here increase. "Best fish and chips in town" is now RM 11.90. And, they do not sell cocktails anymore! Iced water didn't even come with the small ice cubes. :(

Price hike! Well, at least they reprinted the menu...

Anyway, I ordered the "best fish and chips" and ordered iced water. After dinner, we sat there playing with our iPods till 7pm. Then, we paid the bill and left.

"the Best Fish and Chips in Town" - RM 11.90

Iced Water (more like cold water with NO ICE)

Next, we went over to Popular. Bought another Timeout magazine because both of us won tickets to StepUp 3D for tomorrow! Both of us also paid RM10 to reload our digi numbers.

Finally, we went over to GSC and spotted the Nuffnang booth. We always come to the counter 30 minutes before it opens and there will be at least 15 people in front of us. But this time, we were the FIRST!

Redemption counter for Nuffnangers.

A few minutes before 8pm, Robb and Zack arrived. We then collected our tickets and Nuffnang badge. After that, we decided to go to Paddington's for dessert.

2 tickets to "Vampires Suck" thanks to Nuffnang

We ordered the tea time set as usual. Asked for the flat white and pot of gold. Just like JW said, the pancakes here were much better than the other outlets. But, the ones I made was good too! :P

Pot of Gold and Flat White - RM 7.90++

We turned the bear into a cat. :P

Just like always, we transformed the coffee art into something else. This time, they drew a bear. And, we made it into a cat. At 8.50pm, we paid the bill and went to the cinema.

Movie started right after the Harry Potter trailer. It had quite a high budget for a parody movie. The movie was also quite funny and insulting. But, I won't suggest you pay money to watch this. Movies like "Despicable Me", "Grown Ups" could provide you with better laughs.

The movie ended at 10.30pm. Made our way to the car and drove off. Since we were thirsty, we went to McD Drive Thru in Centerpoint. Got ourselves 2 ice cream cones and a Coke. But, the ice cream texture was off and the Coke tasted very weird!

Dropped JW off at the side gate at 11.30pm. Then, I drove back home. Started uploading pictures and went to take my shower. Then, I came back out to write this post.

It's 1.22am already and I shall go to bed now. Goodnight...

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